Alpha Universe Team

Welcome to the heart of Alpha Universe —a behind-the-scenes look at the people, programs, and perspectives that are the pulse of this project. We are glad you found us. Meet our amazing team and leaders, see our visions, watch our training & events, and get inspired. 

We help people to create their best future by becoming confident traders, and great leaders generating a different stream of income.

Our target is to bring all traders & financial market lovers who are passionate about following up with the markets and eager to learn new techniques and strategies in this industry into one place where they can meet, learn, spend time, and network with likeminded people. In our community, you can build your network of professional traders, learn, and stay updated about markets. Enjoy market movements at this first-of-its-kind project in the world.

Together we are relentlessly committed to making a difference and enriching lives!

Alpha Universe Project

Alpha Universe project was released on the 4th of March 2022 in Dubai, this project combines two of the biggest industries in the world, Financial Markets and Social Selling.

Alpha Universe project helps people to create different streams of income, by learning the right way in investing in Forex, Crypto, and NFT both long and short-term investments.

Trading- Education

Education is key to successful Traders. Whether you want specific forex, futures, or cryptocurrency training, services for advanced traders, or a course for beginners, we will help and provide the best educational tools for you and your needs by profiting from the experience and expertise of people who walked this path before we did. Alpha Universe will equip you with essential knowledge, and a valuable support network, and will set you on the path to trading success.

Social Selling

Alpha Universe Project has partnered with Economy, a U.S.-based company that provides a social selling and marketing platform, to assist us in expanding internationally through its unique affiliate system, which generates generous additional income for our community members willing to learn and build their own client base.

Meet The Alpha Universe Project Founder 

With more than 16 years of experience, Abdallah Harfouch is a specialist in financial and investment orientation, a financial market analyst, and an economist.  

Abdallah believes that the solution must start with providing a perfect Financial Education to our society in order for every individual to find their own financial solutions. For this matter, He has founded AH Financial Consultancy and Cash. 

In the aim of creating a healthier lifestyle for each person related to his financial & social life with all its Aspects. Abdallah has founded and managed EcoLearn Summit which has been organized in the last 4 years in order to educate & raise awareness about the importance of Financial Education and Investment Opportunities available in the Middle East and MENA region.

As a part of his vision for a better future and in order to create money solutions, Abdallah has founded Alpha Universe Project: a leading project that aims to teach and educate people all over the world while also offering the tools needed to generate more than 4 streams of income online, by combining the financial markets, social selling, and marketing. 

Furthermore, Abdallah, as an international speaker, has been hosted by a wide range of TV and Radio channels. In addition to that, Abdallah has been hosted as a speaker at BDL accelerate 2016 organized by the Lebanese Central Bank, EcoLearn Summit, universities, and other local and international platforms.